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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Heres yet another sneak peek of the new Facebook Timeline

Facebooks about to have another big facelift and not one like giving you an email address im talking a whole profile redesign, i cant wait until i see the "Facebook turn back the Timeline" group. Everything is becoming objects and actions and so special events are brought out with special attention (Like life events, job changes or marriage) but you can also make up actions. So to get the Facebook Timeline Profile before anyone else you need to trick them into thinking your a developer who wants to build something for the new system. So first go and signup to be a Facebook developer, if you do anything with Facebook pages you probably already have done this. From the Developer Dashboard you add a new application and name it some gibberish to to the open graph section it looks like this

 filling out the form with whatever and giving it an action. This is the new functionality timeline provides and what will get you invited early.
Go through the steps until the application is created 

 When you go back to your homepage you will see a little alert like below, if you dont see it right away dont worry it will show up eventually. Accept the dialog and it will take you through a tour of the new profile. I think they are doing this to try and sell the new look to the users as they have just made the sweeping change without notice without and explanation
Ok now lets go through the tour although it really is just a big waste of time. Its all pretty self explanatory but w/e its cool to get it early
So first they tell you about this new cover thing thats like a big picture to explain yourself in a giant banner type thing but theres still a profile picture is just a separate cutout over your cover
and then we have the dont worry all your stuff is still here its just in a different place thats even better step to explain that its all still ok
Then you got the all activity button that shows everything from the beginning of your birth all the way to your death unabridged including all that has been redacted from public view
And then they explain how you should love them forever for giving you access to your whole life all over again. I know im getting just a touch sarcastic but really whats the purpose of this tour?
And their tools for searching timeline for what you want to redact seems pretty sucky... there may be potential for a application right there. So after all that they dump you here and let you decide when you want to push your timeline profile public

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Heres yet another sneak peek of the new Facebook Timeline