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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Godaddy Extortion for a Wordpress Install

I want this post to be a quick one but I hope it points out the type of crap companies do to try and grab money. Most cPanel (its the most common hosting control panel) installations have some kind of autoinstaller for open source packages, and wordpress itself is a super easy install but some hosting companies try and get you to pay for more than you need. Most hosting bandwidth for small sites is never used... they buy too big a package and the truth is its best to start small and upgrade when you need to.

Godaddy seems to be getting into this practice of overselling services... I understand the upsell when im checking out but the truth is for most domains I dont need to buy the common spelling mistakes for my domain or every single ccTld but hey you try and sell and we decline that fine. When I saw this I was just kinda sick, I can do a Wordpress install in less than 10 min but most users cant so what does Godaddy do? They make it so the novice users has to pay more to install something that super easy anyways and has many tools that allow it to be auto-installed. There is no reason Godaddy to charge extra for installing the application, it costs them absolutely nothing to host those tiny Wordpress blogs and they are just doing a money grab and adding no value... 

SO if you need a Wordpress blog fast and cheap just go here and send me 5 bucks... ill get you setup for a one time fee and you wont have to keep paying those hosting companies for a bunch of bandwidth you dont need just so you can install Wordpress easily

Get Wordpress setup for 5$

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Godaddy Extortion for a Wordpress Install