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Monday, November 28, 2011

Rule the browser creating google chrome extensions

SchipulCon 2011So i guess its a little late but I gave my first real talk at a conference... I think i may have gone too technical and I was so nervous if you decided to turn this into a drinking game ever time I said like or um you are probably likely to get alcohol poisoning but practice makes perfect I guess. I wanted for everyone to see how easy it was to get started creating google chrome extensions so this video could probably be called a crash course and hello world all rolled into one. I created a mind map you can use to navigate around and ive made all the code used in the video available on github so you can download the code and follow along. you can get the code from here its the

Git Repository (Source Code)

or Download the Zip

And all that remains is me talking like a total nerd for an hour about programming an extension so heres the video If you have any feedback for how I can improve my speaking or any comments on the code I would love to hear from you or just bother me on twitter im @cartercole

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Rule the browser creating google chrome extensions