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Monday, July 25, 2011

Google Detects SERP hijacking on your computer

So search engines have been working more and more on security (im mostly taking about the big G and B) they both actually will alert you when they detect weird stuff on your domain or hacker scripts and Google will let you know you need to update wordpress so i think this is way cool... we have seen virus that rewrite all the search results but now Google can detect the SERP hijacking and warn you about it with a little message at the top. Super cool! I just want to know how they detect the request is begin made from malware... is it only detect one kind or is it a generic heuristic based solution?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Google Wonder Wheel has disappeared!

After the new Google Plus update it seems that some SEO's favorite related keywords tool is gone... I had just finished a wonder wheel scraper so i went and got the url that wonder wheel used to be at. When i run a search I get this error message:
"The search option you have selected is currently unavailable"
So i guess its good that it says its currently unavailable because that implies that it may be back soon... some people were thinking that they had just left it off the UI accidentally, but the exact same thing happened around the last "Instant" update where you had to turn it off to see the option

Im starting a petition to tell Google to bring it back... click the link to sign the twitter petition to Google.