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Saturday, March 12, 2011

a review of dragon dictation for iPad written using dragon dictation for iPad

This is a review of Dragon dictation as transcribed by dragon dictation so I'm still at this thing run I'm going to go and talk about everything that I want to talk about that he needs to do ugly little bit about the history of voice recognition and we'll see how it does so voice recognition is kind of one of the really cool things of the new computer age and out used to suck and Google is getting a lot back a lot better at it and so like voice recognition software is really being for like hands free and mobile devices so they rather than interacting with the user interface through sunscreen application I can use voice haven't read to them there by e-mail or things like that there's much different stuff eggs and used in fire aircraft video games all kinds of different things and so there's a couple different ways that they can do it there's dynamic time for being speech recognition Markov chain models and all this stuff it does text to speech so anyways now I'm on the iPad and I'm using dragon dictation to see if it's viable to try and write a blog post just by dictating cause I second typing it's really one of my failures as a nerd I need to really put in some work and trying get my words per minute up but anyways so I remember reading to my computer table 2 cities and reading it all this stuff so if you get my voice and now Google stuff is b*dass it's a lot better at recognizing all kinds different words this one seems like it's doing pretty well I mean I guess you will be the judge of it reading this blog post that I'm in a post straight out of this recording and ohsaa recording it's will this dictation to Dragon dictation so anyways hope you're like this post I think it's kind of a clever thing to do and we'll see how it does and if you have a questions or know of any other good dictation program so you think we should try Island love to hear about them alright until next time this is Carter Krolls signing off from Carter's technology blog. Thank you and goodbye

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a review of dragon dictation for iPad written using dragon dictation for iPad