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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

AOL Way - PDF copy of the leaked master plan

AOL is working to make a comeback... they have a new logo and are trying to make the push back into the market after failing with all those free CDs. SO here are some of their aspirations:

  • He wants pageviews per story to jump from 1,500 to 7,000.
  • He wants video stories to go from being 4% of all stories produced to 70%.
  • He wants the percentage of stories optimized for search engines to reach 95%.

Where did we get all this? the people over at Business Insider found it for us :) then i went and dug up the PDF version and posted it to SlideShare for everyone

some people are already asking on Quora if this type of leak should be legal... well some people better keep hold of their docs a little better i guess

oh and if you cant get it from slideshare heres another copy of the leaked AOL document on Google Docs

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AOL Way - PDF copy of the leaked master plan