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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Asteroids Everywhere Chrome Extension Game

So I was checking the news and came across this site with a cool bookmarklet to add asteroids to any webpage... it was super cool but i hate bookmarklets so now its a chrome extension

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hosting your web properties

I am constantly designing, coding and managing small to midsized business sites for eCommerce, intranets and client portals... hosting is usally a question clients have and there are a few different options you have. Im going to run through the different levels and explain some of the reasons you want to buy some extra power...

First, and cheapest is a Shared Host, because of ability to virtualize servers many sites can all be hosted on a single IP looking at the host header to know which site should respond. They are good for small sites with low volume and use shared RAM, Disk Space, and CPU with all the other sites who are provisioned to that host.

Next, you have your "mid" VPS this is the option I usually choose when I need to have many sites running, moderate traffic levels or custom server requirements. The server is carved out of the clouds resources and provisioned only to your sites and has burstable memory to help counteract the Slashdot effect if you suddenly have a stroke of viral genius. This allows you to grow your site(s) while not spending more on a dedicated server which is

Our last level is a completely dedicated server... companies usually dont utilize these to their full potential and can be a waste of money if your volume isnt high enough to warrant its power
but some people like knowing its their machine and only their machine

I usually like to fall in the Virtual Private Servers section of these and im able to host many internal sites (as well as the public ones) and get the server level customization im used to with a dedicated box... god visualization is awesome :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

My First Week with Droid X - Playing with Augmented Reality and Android Programing

So i have started to play with my brand new Droid X, its a pretty sick phone, but what i really care about is the Android Platform its apps are written on and how to make some money in the app market. I find whenever i have a min im downloading 20 more apps, they stay for a few hours then i drop them for poor programing and to keep my number of services down so im not sucking battery (which is a problem on a device with like 3 different radios in it) I began by getting the SDK but apparently there aren't drivers required for Win 7 64 bit but i got the emulator working really fast, im not very used to java so im trying to find a good generic REST class that can handle JSON most APIs are going to be running. I want to make my own stupid time waster app
I want to be able to make updating widgets to do all kind of cool things, i like the Droid X widgets because they have a better resize feature. I cant wait until froyo comes out. Here are some screenshots from Layer which adds locations on top of the camera overlay using GPS and compass sensors
This tweets overlay is one of my favorites, its awesome to bother random people and start talking to them, i caused a whole big hubub on Google Buzz because I commented on a public message

people start freaking when you are talking to them wondering how you found their messages when they are location tagging everything, Ive got a prototype script im working on that pulls all the location enabled tweets so I can profile where work and home is without and other info, its scary some of the privacy implications this new tech is bringing and im still trying to understand how to protect users while still having cool toys to play with
The layers for shops and food is usefull but the tagging of the world is what i find really cool, im trying to think of things i could add, possibly sell custom layers to businesses with all their locations like Quizoes does
Public webcams is another good one but they aren't live moving images so im going to look for my own source and how i can stream them live.Augmented reality is what i really want to play more with. Ive found a few open source progects that look promising... ill have to figure out 3d java as im learning all the other stuff

I got this to work by drawing the marker with pen then filling it in with black marker. im surprised it worked it was pretty sloppy but it picked it up most of the time. My end goal would be tabletop games you can take with you, although its pretty slow so i dont know if the processors are there yet. heres the list of all the apps i use, unfortunately without rooting my phone it doesn't seem like ill be able to take screenshots :( its something that we need to work on

heres a list of all the apps i currently have installed, some are ridiculously fun and cool im trying to think of cool mashup ideas i can do wiht public data API. If you have any ideas for android apps send them my way id love to build one for you :)

All my Android Apps

All apps (127)
Multimedia (15)
Entertainment (15)
Tools (15)
Productivity (10)
Social (9)
Themes (8)
Shopping (7)
Travel (7)
Brain & Puzzle (7)
Reference (6)
Communication (5)
Lifestyle (5)
Finance (4)
Demo (4)
Arcade & Action (3)
Casual (3)
Cards & Casino (2)
Health (1)
News & Weather (1)

Android Agenda Widget

Pacific Wings

Gmote 2.0


Open Spot

AndAR Model Viewer


Fireworks Live Wallpaper

Bars & Clubs

Gesture Search


Aquarium Live Wallpaper

Retro Camera

Multi Touch Paint

TED Mobile

Key Ring Reward Cards

Discovery Channel


Lookout Antivirus Security

Fractal Explorer

Dice 3D


Layar Reality Browser


LED Scroller 3 - FREE

Swirl - A Wine Guide

MS Zombie Live Wallpaper


Adobe® Reader®

Kids Connect the Dots

GasBuddy - Find Cheap Gas

Kindle for Android


Ustream Viewer

Microsoft Tag Reader

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

Robo Defense

Tic Tac Toe



ASTRO File Manager

MotoTorch LED



Hypnotic Spiral

Patterns Live Wallpaper

Live Hold'em

HAL 9000

Magic 8-Ball

Talking Tom Cat


Facebook for Android

AppBrain App Market


Google Sky Map


Google Goggles

Google Maps


Ill let you know when i get something going, ive already gotten simple apps with notification working, now im trying to get oAuth working so i can use Google data feeds and create some cool social media monitoring apps that also do some quick SEO analysis

Ill let you know as i learn more, i bet theres gonna be a bunch of cool stuff I am able to do with this in the future