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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My new shortener is, heres how to get your own, for free

I started playign with again tonight, i got access to the Pro Beta awhile ago and after setting up my domain I never added in the A records for a true shorter url. (you can get the pro signup here)

Then i remembered about my new best buddies over at .tk and went and got (prettymuch anything over 4 letters is fair game and free) so im kinda cheap and while im working on changing my mindset i still like to use free services where I can so i hit up the free dns service and pointed my A record to the ip

so once the domain was registered and pointed all using free services i got all these pretty charts and my tweet of victory
Now when sharing from my dashboard I get my custom domain and all kinds of neato stats aswell zOmg check out that sweet new url shorter :)less than a minute ago via bitly

Have yall got your beta invites yet? What do you think about the .tk tld? Stupid Blackbird Pie tweet embed extension doesn't recognize ajaxy urls... what gives with that? Talk in the comments, i dare ya

oh and for a free name to use just get a free .tk

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Google's new preview very Bing-esk but even better

I thought i was in another preview but from what i can tell the new page screenshot features are going live to all datacenters. Their preview is different (and better) than what other search engines have implemented in the past because their content previews show real text and show where its found on the page...
Something I think this helps prove to me (although I already really believed it was being done) is that Google at least is in fact able to interpret and understand the complex positioning of elements and that footer link detection is probably trivial to them

It will be interesting to see how hidden text appears in these previews and if spam results are easier to spot in SERPS. Something to note is that flash is broken in the previews so if your site uses flash and cares about the preview that much they may want to have styles that unhide the flash and have a static picture that can stand in so the entire site doesnt look broken do to the thumbnail not rendering the content for that embedded movie

What implications do you think the new preview has for SEO and SERPs? Do you think the big G is doing too much to copy Bing's tools? It seems like they found another tool that may be effective and updated it to the level that we have come to expect from Google.

Heres how you could do the alt HTML for a java applet