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Saturday, October 23, 2010

.tk API + Wordpress Mu & cPanel with unlimited addon domains = infinite webspace

So shared hosting is super duper cheap now... like freaking 3$ a month, and with unlimited bandwidth and addon domains you can host a ton of stuff there... it wont be the fastest site on the internet but it works well enough. Now i happen to the cPanel conference and met the guys who run the .tk cctld and they have an API that lets you create any .tk domain for a year for free (with unlimited renewals) and adding this to your shared hosting can let you throw up some test webspaces without paying for a bunch of domain names. So if you add this to the cPanel API you can provision and add unlimited domains and websites. Whats a good platform to run anything on? well wordpress of course, but you dont want to have to do all the work to copy and install all those files (even with unlimited storage) so you use something thats a little awesome... WordPress Mu, it lets you create instances of WordPress and combine with a few plugins you can automagically provision entire new domains with a central WordPress install that you can drive and manipulate with whatever you want. oh ya way fun

so let me show you around my cool little script...

Actually i think thats all i can really show you... but its freakign awesome to have so much webspace to spread my legs out in. oh and
To build your own:
  1. First you install Wordpress Mu
    its kinda weird and some of variables get jankey but its quite impressive overall
  2. Then you install Mu Domain Mapping
    dont forget the sunrise.php
  3. Build a .tk API helper plugin
    I use the domainshare API
    I added the ability to scan and try and renew the domains automatically

    thats a teaser of my plugin ill release soon
  4. Integrate your cPanel to provision domains
    Im using this snippet but ill implement XML soon

I have like 12 sites running on it now all doing different things... im trying my had at getting some traffic to generate adwords money, started a blog for my son Seth Cole and my wife Jodi Cole aswell... i think im going to start my own little kinda thing on .tk domains so if you want a free instance of WordPress to play with let me know :) i may even release a public facing version to the public sometime... (depending on demand)

Comment about your automated scripts and ideas you have for this kind of quick cheap hosting of a large amount of webspace... i mean UGC content value of a folder WordPress mu on a domain would be crazy value to SEO, again if you had you community that could build on it

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.tk API + Wordpress Mu & cPanel with unlimited addon domains = infinite webspace