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Monday, July 5, 2010

Send me all the bad SEO on the internet you can find!

Ive been working on v3.0 of SEO Site Tools giving it all kinds of cool new stuff and one of the things i really wanted to work on was SPAM detection, because this is a plugin in the browser we have advantage of access to entire DOM making some types of test much more practical. The following tweet shows exactly what i want to automate... but to be able to detect spam i need samples... so im putting out a call for all the SEO spam yall can send me...

@CarterCole I wanted you to know, your SEO TOOL saved me from malicious hacking creeps. Said I had over 100 links on one page (cont'd)less than a minute ago via web

Ive got some requirements for the spam. scraper sites are everywhere and a dime a dozen... the kind of stuff im looking for is
  • user-agent/ip based cloaking
  • bad doorway pages
  • hidden text and links on pages
please send your samples to your helping to fight spam on the web :)
oh and heres a new sneak peek of the Google Analytics Page Details in SEO Site Tools v3.0

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Send me all the bad SEO on the internet you can find!