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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Create a complete listing and get a dofollow link! lets you create a wiki like listing for your domain... its also a nice way to get a strong backlink if you complete your profile and ask the nofollow to be removed... but after their promoted listing service got knocked by Google for being too close to selling links they were forced to turn nofollow back on for the entire site.

Exactly about 2.7685 hrs ago i got this email

DoFollow links are back on!

From:Kristina Weis - AboutUs
I am happy to say that we reinstated DoFollow links today on  All community-created pages that previously had followed links should have them again.

Moving forward, we will continue following links for good sites that we notice have good content on AboutUs.  Whenever you create a nice page for a reputable site let us know at and we will verify the site's quality and remove the NoFollow attribute.

We should have a blog post about this tomorrow afternoon at but I wanted to let you know about this change right away because I recalled that you cared about it.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Kristina Weis

I had previously asked about the dofollow links disappearing so it nice to see they have been turned back on now... so if you have a site and a looking to increase visibility and get a quick link dont forget to create your domains profile's Profile

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Create a complete listing and get a dofollow link!