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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Google Reader Subscriber Statistics API

So im working on v3.0 of SEO Site Tools... its going to totally rock... rebuilt from the ground up it now takes advantage of the new abilities of HTML5... things like SQL Db from HTML5 spec to provide result caching and historical data on almost every metric. Tons of useful SEO metrics can be pulled out of Google Analytics data but its often hard to get it without using an external server to proxy the information or having to give your password... but with oAuth Authentication to your your copy of SEO Site Tools gets a secure token to your Google Analytics Data can easy be revoked and all processing and data storage happens right on your computer. But enough promoting here is one of the new data sources im introducing... RSS can bring many return visitors if a blog is regularly publishing so how many subscribers do they actually have? well ive hooked into the unpublished Google Reader API to create my own public API. Now SEO Site Tools or your mashup can use subscriber stats as another data source so the data you see here
can now be used anywhere... its up to you the API now spit out all the info... it returns JSON(P) but i think i may also add XML support later... for xml include output=xml and there is the optional callback= parameter to do JSONP

All code is on original post

thats going to call the function soMZcb(obj) with the following object as its first parameter
theres a TON of data they return but some of the coolest stuff are chart api urls to show you all the subscriber usage stats as well as total subscribers and when they read

if you have any question feel free to ask me id be happy to help... look for all this new data in SEO Site Tools v3.0 its on its way with even more speed and features than ever!

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Google Reader Subscriber Statistics API