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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Google Webmaster Tools is now that much better

So now they have a much better UI in WMT that shows you all kinds of cool things and how your ranking in the all important SERP... i really like the improvement and the detailed CTR has given me an idea... some opt in anonymous gathering of SERP position info... there hasn't been much data lately that can show what average CTR for each position... by allowing SEO Site Tools users to allow cleaned position and CTR information to be sent back to my server i can compute an updated and true CTR for the average SERP. now im off to get married next week but as soon as i get back i see some code to do something along those lines...

so if you haven't see it yet you can scurry over to my SEO and Webmaster link dump and check out your new query data for yourself... im going to try to start posting more often even if its just these small little updates but ill get some nice meaty ones in there too stay tuned and thats for reading...

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Google Webmaster Tools is now that much better