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Friday, April 2, 2010

First Click Free! get the same content the crawlers do

i was surfing around the other day and I came across a site that i had bookmarked as interesting news to read for later and the content is hidden away... ive had a rant about this before so i thought to myself, self how would i fix this? Well i knew that it was because of Google's first click free they had to show me the clean content because I arrived from Google.I wrote it pretty quickly (im getting good at pumping them out after my success with SEO Site Tools) and it seemed to not want to pass through all the time... it was kinda lame I had to use timers and it was not very effective :( but then I thought of a very simple solution and it works perfectly now and i got the referrer coming through correctly... probably wont be any updates unless something changes so enjoy the tool!

First Cick Free

for Google Chrome

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First Click Free! get the same content the crawlers do