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Monday, March 29, 2010

Cooler default avatars for Blogger comments... all in one line

Ive felt bad for not posting so heres another quick fix i just added to my Blogger blogs (i know you can barely tell but it is) Heres how it goes... the comments use the default def blogger profile or def open id.

Like this:

but thats not very pretty so i wrote this small little script up real quick its fast easy to implement and only injects itself when its needed... the conditional statement makes sure it will only display when comments are showing...

i found this really cool service Retro Avatar i told it to generate with transparency so it will go with any design and works with only one line of code

to add it simply go to "Edit HTML" under "Layout" in your Blogger dashboard and add it somewhere above the </body> tag

and thats it no more ugly comments and the cool thing is they will all be unique to the username that commented because the design is generated from the users name... way cool

thats it ill be on twitter as @cartercole if you need me ill try to come up with something else for your real soon...
comment so you can test it and see your icon (but it only works if you dont have one set)

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Cooler default avatars for Blogger comments... all in one line