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Sunday, February 21, 2010

SEO Site Tools: a Chrome SEO extension that doesn't disappoint

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Update II

Theres been another update... theres alot of new functionality and way cool stuff so please refer all questions / feedback on this post

Update i

My post about SEO Site Tools was promoted to the main blog on SeoMoz (something that really doesn't happen very often) it has gotten


views so far and the number continues to rise and with over


clicks to the links with over


tweets in a few days im gonna say its officially gone viral... and is currently preforming the 11th most popular article in the last year on SeoMoz. the response has been awesome lets keep making this the best SEO extension on chrome!

Original Post

I decided i was going to do something good for the SEO community... i wanted a SEO plugin that wouldn't just show some page data it would pull all of it and practically do your work for you. With social media the new craze I wanted a way to quickly tell if a page was going viral and show all the page meta data and tag elements without having to look at the pages source... what came out of this was SEO Site Tools extension for Chrome it pulls data from all over and are seperated into 5 sections: External Page Data, Page Elements, Social Media, Page Terms, Server / Domain Info, and Suggestions but not only that it enhances some common SEO related tools like Google Webmaster tools, Yahoo site explorer and Google analytics. So lets get into the many features my plugin provides and how it can help you with your search engine optimization...

Click to watch the demo video

Privacy Policy
This plugin does not collect any web history or site data... i had to use a few scripts i wrote on my servers but they dont save any data on the urls they analyze... if anyone is interested i can provide the source code for the script... i have plans in the future to do some opt-in tracking of usage of sections of the tool to see how i can progressively load important pieces first and wait to load others when they are needed... the data collected would be used to help provide a better user experience and would contain no history of sites visited or analyzed and would contain no personally identifying information.

External Page Data shows domain metrics link links and rank
  • Linking to page and domain from Yahoo
  • Page links, trust and domain trust from SeoMoz
  • Alexa popularity (with graph) links
  • Google index date and PageRank along with domain trends
  • Dmoz listing 
  • SEM Rush Data
  • Bing Cache Date
  • data
  • Bing indexed pages
  • Yahoo index pages

Social Media pulls shares and bookmarks from a number of places
  • Page Diggs and Domain Diggs
  • Recent tweets about the page along with total number of tweets
  • Facebook shares, likes and comments
  • Reddit points
  • Stumble Upon Views
  • Buzz Shares
  • Delicious bookmarks

Page Terms displays relevant page elements to SEO
  • Meta Robots
  • Meta Description
  • Canonical URL
  • Anchor tags and follow attribute
  • Header tags (H1-H5)
  • Bold/Strong
  • I/Em
  • Meta Keywords
  • Page HTTP headers
Server / Domain Info checks the domains Ip and country and displays it on a map along with registrar information and attempts to pull WhoIs info
Suggestions compiles a list of on-page SEO suggestions about title tag, links on page , meta description, img alt tags,GZip Compression, meta keywords (hey it can’t hurt)

Page Terms (still a work in progress) performs term extraction and lets you do keyword research with Google’s keyword research tool

It also has ability to enhance Google Webmaster Tools with links anchor text, if they are followed links and mozRank (or PageRank) of linking pages

Adds Social media reactions to Google Analytics page details with Facebook shares, likes and comments as well as Delicious bookmarks and Diggs

It also adds the link and anchor text info to Yahoo Site Explorer with mozRank (or PageRank)

Heres the install link for SEO Site Tools in case you missed it above

It is still being developed so I would love any feedback you could give me on it… bother me on twitter or in the comments here and ill do my best to add any features or fix any bugs you may find

Posts about SEO Site Tools for Google Chrome...

Awesome review in Japanese... ill be trying for multilingual support soon...

German review that it does everything an SEO does in one place (rough translation)
This guy says its the reason hes been looking for to leave firefox
Nice review wrapping up all the features
Spanish review of its completeness as a all around SEO Tool
Excellent review from another guy about how how comprehensive it is
Yet another praising review with some good suggestions(soon to be implemented)
This post calls it a "Distinctive Edge" for content writers

Awesome response from all the community and if you think your article should be listed here let me know and ill add it :)

@CarterCole love the Chrome/SEO app. It's fantastic. Wanted to give constructive criticism, but it's too good. Brilliant!less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

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SEO Site Tools: a Chrome SEO extension that doesn't disappoint