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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Consuming Google Data APIs with ASP

recently i did a post about a forum spamming attack that I analyzed and included some exports from my Google analytics create this report I used a HTTPhelper i created that wraps the WinHTTP object in ASP that makes it really easy to make external requests and pull data from the Google Data API. Its easy to pull different segments and data if you use the data feed query explorer to create the request url (the second test.url in the code below) then just parse the xml and output as desired... unfortunately i haven't found a good asp oauth (recommend one to @cartercole)

the code is here but i also have included it below in this post...

this post contains code see it here

its easy to pull data from the other APIs but its sometimes hard to find the correct service string tp pass so heres my cheat sheet. im all for helping / suggestions so please leve your comments they are always appreciated (and so are links)

Google APIService name
Google Analytics Data APIsanalytics
Google Apps Provisioning APIsapps
Google Base Data APIgbase
Google Sites Data APIjotspot
Blogger Data APIblogger
Book Search Data APIprint
Calendar Data APIcl
Google Code Search Data APIcodesearch
Contacts Data APIcp
Documents List Data APIwritely
Finance Data APIfinance
Gmail Atom feedmail
Health Data APIhealth
Maps Data APIslocal
Picasa Web Albums Data APIlh2
Sidewiki Data APIannotateweb
Spreadsheets Data APIwise
Webmaster Tools APIsitemaps
YouTube Data APIyoutube
and here is my HTTPhelper class... it does some cool stuff like build post data from a dictionary object and has all the stuff to do Authentication and setting headers for the request (much easier for me because i forget the methods and have to look them up) so if its helpfull for you please feel free to use it :) woohoo open source!

thanks for reading and i hope this helps you do more with the data APIs and get to your data more easily...

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Consuming Google Data APIs with ASP