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Friday, January 1, 2010

Analysis of Forum Spam Attack - My Spam Trap

Hi guys its Carter again... I recently found a forum of my friend had been spammed when i was checking site links with my SEO Tools and i wanted to share some of my findings after i had analyzed the attack on his site. His domain had 863 links from 350 unique domains so i went to go see what was going on... i found his phpbb forum had been spammed. oh noes! We had turned off CAPTCHA and didnt expect many people to join the forum but security through obscurity failed and a Russian spammer got us. so when i went to fix it i thought id run a quick experiment... because the forum had little activity we decided to pull the whole thing out and i used a redirect to catch the visits the spam would have received

This Is My Spam Trap

The spam trap has received
194 visits
since 2009-12-19 which is crazy because it means these spam campaigns are probably worthwhile at least for awhile until they get caught... because forums let you create links that are of value (not nofollowed) ive seen this campaign do stuff from installing malware to affiliates for adult sites and heres my wall of shame... i know its not their fault :) im in the process of contacting the webmasters of these sites so they can get cleaned up and this list isn't all inclusive (if the referrer isn't past it wont show in this list)

Wall of Spam

Visit the article [script disabled]
iono i just wanted to share some of my findings... id love to hear from anyone on their thoughts or ideas on how to combat this thanks for your time and i hope you liked the article...

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Analysis of Forum Spam Attack - My Spam Trap