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Saturday, December 19, 2009

the poor mans web beacon | tracking visits on 3ed party sites

i recently got one of my posts republished on Seomoz

and ive reached hits on my post...

(which is funny because ive only gotten 83 total from my blog)
so how did i get this pageview data from this third party site? its easy if you can inject an image on the page... which most of the time is pretty easy to do if you are publishing an article on another site. so when i wrote my post i created a custom url (same as btw) to the location of my follow me on twitter image. by using a short url pointed at an image as the src of my badge that i put at the end of the post i was able to track the number of views my article recieved... heres the code i used in the post
and here you can see all the info (you can get info on any url by adding the + at the end) as you normally would about referrer (where the image was loaded from) as well as location information about the visits your article recieved

if you have any questions you want answered bother me on twitter im @cartercole

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the poor mans web beacon | tracking visits on 3ed party sites