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Saturday, December 12, 2009

CarterBar Chrome Extension | Get updates for any Blogger Blog in Chrome

I have now built my own Chrome extension called CarterBar it will update you as i write articles on this blog...

im open sourcing this extension so if anybody else wants to modify it to use their Blogger Blog its pretty simple... just go into the code and replace any instance of and replace it with the url of your blog. it uses some ajax to full the feed as json from blogger and reads the number of items the blog has. If there are new articles on the blog then it will alert you to how many articles you have missed since you have last visited the site.

i built this using the code from samples that google put out. This function from the gmail updater extension selects a tab based on url and opens a new one if it doesnt find the correct url.

its really easy to build a chrome extension because they have already implemented some of the new HTML5 features like local storage and such... and because its a chrome extension you dont even need to write cross browser :) another thing that was cool was the way the extension was packed... its all json

i encourage everyone to try it and build their own extensions its really easy!

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CarterBar Chrome Extension | Get updates for any Blogger Blog in Chrome