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Monday, November 30, 2009

Webmaster and SEO dashboard


The dashboard below is great but if your trying to do some on-page analysis you need a good SEO Toolbar like my newly released SEO Site Tools to help you with your work... and if you interested in your external anchor text you should defiantly run on over are read about the keyword data I found in Webmaster Tools that is published nowhere else...

i find myself constantly wanting to have one place as a jumping point for me to review all my website stuff and the way chrome does bookmarks makes it where clicking to this post is actually faster(at least for me). but i figure this is one place to start from then i don't have to go looking through all the bookmarks. ill add more items here as i find more tools that i find useful for SEOs and Webmasters

SEO Site Tools is my Google Chrome Extension with over 21,000 users 
im sure you would love it too... try it today

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Webmaster and SEO dashboard