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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Twitter's Beta Testing ReTweeting

So i log into twitter the other day and i see this cool message... Im not sure how many people got the Beta of this but i thought id make a post about it and give what little info i know... here is the post twitter made on their blog. Theres been many hints that this is coming (im pretty sure it said something in the api docs) and its really needed i think it solves some of the problems with re-tweeting like usernames taking up space and such
but let me show you how it works...

you select to re-tweet to your followers and then it shows up in your stream like this...

you see this message in your stream with their username and the cool little re-tweet icon. then after you decide you dont like the message you can revert it with the click of a button

its that simple... ill add some more as i know more but i thought you would like the heads up!

edit: i found another site that has a few more screen shots here

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Twitter's Beta Testing ReTweeting