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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

google testing a new layout for search

Google seems like they have a new flavor of search that they are testing (im assuming they are doing some A/B test for some percentage of users) and seeing how people like the new version. to see it for yourself go to and paste this javascript into the address bar and refresh...

here is what you should see...

im just speculating but Google has just finished testing the new caffeine version of search so this may go along it. here is what the search feature looks like

aside from a cleaner, revamped logo there are little icons for the different types of search... images,video and news but also the ability to only search blogs or forums.

 the javascript code above saves a cookie so if you want to turn off this new version of search all you have to do is kill the PERF cookie for and it will click back to normal... so thats the new layout they are testing ill be updating this article as i know more :)

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google testing a new layout for search