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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Google to join the Twitter bandwagon and Yahoo, Bing

edit: ok so bing already kinda has a twitter search that it plans to improve on but like Google tweets still aren't on main results page but Yahoo (who props to them i like their new stuff) plans to change that announcing that they will be showing tweets in results soon this will hopefully help yahoo gain some ground back as they are struggling keeping their part of the search pie. Google social search experiment is the closest thing google has for social media search so far

the title says it all i was reading my daily rss and this clicked across...
Official Google Blog: RT @google: Tweets and updates and search, oh my!

so Google is going to be joining the twitter bandwagon. but wheres the link? Bing looks like they are ahead of the game already with their Bing Twitter Search it has a small tag cloud but little more im sure google will do it better with longer history but i wonder if we will see ReTweet tools built into searches with the ability to pass oAuth to Twitter and tweet from inside our searches. if it was an unobtrusive menue id think it was great. what are your thoughts?

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Google to join the Twitter bandwagon and Yahoo, Bing