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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

googles picasa facial recognition works perfect

I just installed Picasa and I saw the post about facial recognition so i am testing it out. It works perfectly but all I want to know is how do I mash it with Facebook? Check this out

its detecting my face and is trained once I give it hints of the new angles of my face. I have always hated the repetitiveness of tagging and wanted to hook facial recognition into Facebook for awhile and ill I am asking Google is how I can do it with this code? Is it open source? Or can Google let me borrow the code so I can do it? It’s such an awesome technology and with all the data becoming open it’s so fun for me to be a developer right now. It’s obvious that the Picasa facial recognition is superior. I know dealing with the privacy of facial recognition on a social media site will be difficult but nothing worse than that town that kicked out the street view car right? Who would I even talk to at Google for that?I guess ill tweet at @mattcutts ill bet he can point me in the right direction. God I love web 2.0, social media,viral marketing,twitter world that we live in now woohoo

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googles picasa facial recognition works perfect