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Monday, September 28, 2009

Google wave | pleading to get one of those invites on sep 30th


you may be interested in the invites i have to wave

If you havent heard of google wave then watch this (i know its long but it is worth the time). wave is the end all of collaboration tools and will make taking notes at meetings and at school so much easier as well as cool games and other uses we haven't even thought of yet. it has realtime translation as well as awesome bots and controls that lets you extend the hell out of the thing and link it with almost anything you can think of, it tracks history of the wave and allows for multiple users to be editing the same page at the same time. SO i definatly signed up my apps domain as well as my email address to the forms i found to try and get invites

these are the three ways you can sign up to a google wave invite

here they are for you:

google wave dev invite
google wave app invite
wave signup for single users

and the unofficial ill help and give out some of my google wave invites is it gets you connected with those that do
(they wont be giving away invites to new users)

so this is my intro about what wave is and the second half (the one thats starting now) is me begging google to let me be part of those 100,000 users that will get accounts 2 days from now (september 30th). but what diffrent about me than the other people scrambling for accounts? i needed something to set me apart, so i started thinking about something i could build that would leverage the technology and be something that could increase awareness and promote the service (flattery should help get me in that group right? i hope :) well heres the ideas (leave comments let me know if you have others)

1) madlibs on wave

madlibs are little stories with missing nouns, verbs, other parts of speech that make little funny stories as you fill them in. so madlibs in a wave would allow everyone to be changing editing each others words until they have created the perfect madlib then like they did in the IO video (i did watch whole thing x2) it can remove all the comments / editing parts and become a new wave that is the completed story. This uses the group collabaration ideas as well as creating finished documents.

2) commentary on hulu

this idea is a little less developed but basically embed hulu shows into a page and have the wave at the bottom. the individual or group if they start at same time (still iffy on how to keep time synced but) you can comment on the show as your watching it and then using the replay functionality replay / share your commentary on the episode with the world. kinda like a social mystery science theater

3) collaborative embeddable lists for sites / blogs

pretty self explanatory

4) somehow have an entire blog post as a wave

i use blogger so i know i can embed into posts but i dont know how an embeded wave would behave in rss. i might be able to make some bot that syncs the post text to the wave but thats kinda not clean to me so i got to keep thinking

5) note sharing website

i want to make a website to make it easy to share notes with groups of people and organize them (this is how ill make it the rest of the way through college)

please let a wave invite fly into my gmail on the 30th id be a great beta guy (like i did for aviary) help report bugs / ideas and code as a developer open source to help make it a good tool for everyone. i have already run into customers who love the gallery embeddable widgets and i really like to be able to test it while taking notes in meetings.

some screen shots of wave:

some relevant links:
wave coming soon
wave developers blog
post about invites comming

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Google wave | pleading to get one of those invites on sep 30th