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Thursday, September 24, 2009

google profile icon gadget | show off your social bookmarks

so I love Google and one of the cool things i have found now is Google profiles (if you haven't made one yet get on that). i wanted to be able to put my string of social bookmarks into a page. the explanation is below but heres the code to use the script along with some examples

you may also be interested in the other widget i made to embed a google profile badge

Carter Cole

<script src="[user]&width=[100]&limit=[5]"></script>

Matt Cutts <script src=""></script>

Tim O'Reilly (limit = 5) <script src="><"/script>

Jeff Huber (width = 100) <script src=""></script>

i also did css classes on each element (you may need the css !important)

image class = "google-profile-img"

anchor class = "google-profile-link"

wrapper div = "google-profile-gadget"

i think one of the best features is the links and reader uses your profile links see?

i have all my profiles linked to from there but i wanted to be able to embed them into pages(like google reader did). rather than trying to fight and get the data from google i decided to go about the problem myself. First i thought i was going to have to do parsing and checking to find the right favorite icon but then i found that google had done my work for me(thanks). you can do this...[domain]

so then i made a asp page to spit out some js to write the icons...
there are 3 optional parameters
  1. user=username (this is the last part of the profile url)
    (if you dont set a user it uses mine)
  2. limit=number (this sets the number of icons that the script should spit out) [default is 100]
  3. width=number (this is used to make the icons show up in a block) [its the div width that holds the icons]

please let me know if you have any questions / comments / concerns id love to hear from you

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google profile icon gadget | show off your social bookmarks