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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The entire list of all Google Easter Eggs (including links and archived versions)

This post is still evolving and it will be the complete list of Google Easter eggs. Ive added the new searhc hacks as well as some other some will remain unlisted because they dont work anymore

Man this page is getting long... they are really having fun with the code lately. their newest easter egg is if you search for "world cup" on google you see a slightly different Gooooooogle :) it took me a sec to catch it but see for yourself below (no clue how long it will stay up)

there have been many updates to this page over time so scroll, scroll, scroll and see all the cool stuff hidden in their code. some things are no longer live but ive saved copies to my server so you can still get the enjoyment of seeing them


Ok this is like one of the best its the pacman game on the logo. apparently this game took up over

4.82 million hours

read about it

Play Pacman

April Fools!

There is now a "TEXTp" version of YouTube with ascii video...

and SERPS are returning strange time results...

Happy New Year! Another easter egg was published where when you click "im feeling lucky" with no query you saw a countdown until today when you see this cool happy new year animation

ive immortalized the page... 2009 New Years Egg

Click here to see a video of the countdown...

there wasn't much meat to the post so i thought id add some more easter eggs i was able to round up. programmers will leave little tricks or games hidden in the code. eventually through word of mouth these secret codes get released and become part of public knowledge. Google as a bunch of hidden secrets here are just a few...

Here are a bunch of different flavors of Google search
Some neat things for the calculator to tell you
Search for ascii art (ascii google logo)

Search for Anagram (returns nag a ram)

Search for recursion (returns recursion again)

Search "Do a barrel roll" (spins the screen)

Search for "tilt" (has a tilted ui)

Translating the word table from spanish to english

Google Special Searches (like the one for uncle sam)

Teddy Bears in Picasa
In Picasa: Just Press Ctrl + Shift + Y to see them appear!

Google Earth Flight Simulator:

To enter the flight simulator mode, press Ctrl + Alt + A ( + Option + A on the Mac).

here are the Google Earth Flight Simulator Shortcuts you will probably need them

so i subscribe to @mattcutts because im a nerd and i just saw his video here about how to get the reader easter egg but its in a video so i thought id steal some thunder and make the post as text so here it is. while on reader the code is

up up down down left right left right b a

i made an animated gif if you dont get it (feel free to steal it)
it then makes this way cool changes like hearts for your like buttons and then does cool animations when you click them its kinda geeky fun. you also get the bonus of a reader ninja to watch over your rss items which will all read to contain 30 items a homage to the original contra cheat

if you unlike it breaks your heart
but if you do like it you get bunches of love :)
and a cool ninja

Edit II:
happy Halloween!
We have a new easter egg hidden in Google now for Halloween its at the bottom of the robots.txt hook here at

Bottom of Google's robots.txt (it was changed back this is a mirror) you can also see the big G's robots.txt change log

Disallow: /voice/media/
Disallow: /voice/shared/
Disallow: /app/updates

User-agent: Kids
Disallow: /tricks
Allow: /treats


Edit III: its my birthday dec 18!

i logged into my google profile page and found this egg myself
so be sure to check your page on your b-day... they are allot smoother when you see them i just animated some screenshots

if anybody knows any other google easter eggs id love to add them to this list

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The entire list of all Google Easter Eggs (including links and archived versions)