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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Carter Cole the Guru | Great link bait and viral marketing

We all love ourselves so when i saw this little flash ad that Cisco made i decided i would actually click on it this time. It connected to my webcam took my picture and made this awesome movie. they allow you to share on Facebook as well as Twitter and you can even embed it. This is free advertising and i wanted to make a point of how simple it can be make something everyone is going to want to share and then make it easy to do so. Retweet buttons as well as making sure your pages have the correct markup so Facebook can create a pretty link for you.

this is how my donation page looks when shared in Facebook
cool huh? it has a custom description and title different from what would normally be shared by Facebook.
i use 3 meta tags

so now you know how to add some support to share your page on Facebook and don't forget carter is a total web guru

thanks for the video Cisco! Great marketing

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Carter Cole the Guru | Great link bait and viral marketing