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Sunday, August 23, 2009

how to link your hulu history to twitter

i wanted a way to tweet my hulu activity and i came across this way i could post to twitter from a rss feed from my blog so i was thinking to myself, self i could use the rss history feed from my hulu account to post my hulu history to my twitter account

this is the solution i came up with


Login to Hulu and go to your profile then the history tab and get the link for your hulu history as rss

the url looks something like this:



This is the website that does all the work for you
Twitter Feed

Its called twitter feed all you have to do is use oauth to link twitter feed to your twitter account and paste in the rss link and your pretty much done you can change the settings to add a prefix see mine below

and an example of how it shows up in my twitter
automatic post on Twitter

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how to link your hulu history to twitter